Meet your Maker of cute, fun, and special things!

Self-portrait drawing of me, Nengy!                     

Hello and welcome!  I'm Nena, the artist and designer behind Cuteeboo, a small business all operated and found by me in 2020.  I'm a long-time, mostly self-taught artist who started drawing and doodling when I was about 7 or 8 years old.  Art became my hobby and secretly my passion since my youth.  It's still fresh in my mind of how I relentlessly drew princesses in gowns over and over, and got scolded for wasting and leaving writing paper all over the house with my doodles.  Ha!  Oh how I wish I still had those drawings to share with you! 

Like many of you, I have been wanting to start my own business using my artwork for years, but fear held me back over and over.  I finally found the courage to move forward, and launched my site in November 2022!  My inspiration comes from many different artists and styles.  Some of my art is influenced by the richness and beauty of my Hmong culture, and others are by what and who I admire and adore.  

Cuteeboo's products are all designed from my art using various quality materials such as wood, leather, acrylic, and other professional art mediums.  Every design takes hours and hours of perfecting, testing, editing and more before they can enter my shop, but I'm absolutely crazy about creating and always strive to put out meaningful and quality pieces for you. 

My mission is to inspire and create both practical and functional, fun, beautiful, unique, meaningful, and quality products to help you easily gift with purpose and build everlasting memories with them.

Cuteeboo is a small business, but has big aspirations.  My desire and vision are to continue to inspire, provide quality goods, and be able to consistently incorporate sustainable and eco-friendly practices and materials that will help benefit our health, planet, and future.  Additionally, I hope to get Cuteeboo to a place where it can provide financial and educational resources to forge pathways and unlock the potential of many underprivileged young talents who have a similar passion, but are limited to the knowledge and opportunities to truly explore, identify, appreciate, and experience their place in the world of art. 

Come on in and take a look!  I hope my creations can connect with you and inspire you as you browse around.  Thank you for stopping by, thank you for joining me on this exciting journey, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support.  Relax, happy shopping, and never stop doodling!  Toodaloo!